Barn Renovations Week 5

Post Construction is making great progress here!  All of the back filling is basically done now and we have carved out part of the hill behind the new arena for some fill but also to contour the land and help with drainage.  It has really opened up the back of the property and also gives us great access from the new arena to any hacking we want to do on the back of the farm.  Electrical and plumbing in the existing barn is basically done and the stalls are being clear coated.  Hay feeders, feed bins and tie up rings are going into the stalls and new tracking and hardware for the doors is being done.  The new exterior is going on the east side of the building and all the new doorways are framed awaiting delivery of the dutch doors.  The quarantine/farrier/vet area is being all refinished with shiplap and we are awaiting the four new windows and dutch doors for this area.  Dr. Dieter Oberbichler stopped in for a visit and is excited about this space and seems to have laid claim to his own "personal office!" Fencing was briefly held up due to a machine breakdown but is back on track now.  We removed a big apple tree in the front paddock and we've cleaned up around the pond and also along the roadway, what a big difference!  Shauna has moved into the house and will be returning with horses before the first of October.  The hayloft is stocked (hay testing has been done, results pending) and the grain, shavings and start up supplies are coming next week!